I am writing to thank you for the impact you have had on my career. I had the opportunity twice in the last month to present off-the-cuff to two separate groups of 20 or more individuals. In both cases I was tremendously successful and I owned the space in front of my audience. Each time I was asked afterwards if I presented for a living, which you will know I do not. In fact, you might remember our first workshop during which I was a shambles having to stand and present in front of a small number of peers and friends alike.

In short, the guidance, training, and experience you have given me has allowed me to take my own skills development into my own hands and I am now looking for any opportunity whereby I can increase my presentation skills. I have confidence in my own ability to deliver a killer speech, and I am armed with a toolkit thanks to you that will allow me to grow from strength to strength.

I work for a large multinational and have recently changed roles within. I now find there is an even greater demand on me to present in front of senior stakeholders and my ability to do so is with doubt having an impact on my career. This career change comes as I am closing out my MBA with Smurfit which you will recall, I chose initially because of your “Sample Lecture” two years ago. You impacted my decision to do my MBA with Smurfit and you have impacted my ability to overcome my presentation fears in a most glorious way. Because of these influences you have had a massive impact on my career and I am very grateful.

If anyone is considering engaging you as a mentor, professional trainer, especially around the area of developing presentation and / or negotiation skills, please send them my way for a most sincere and strong recommendation.