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Teaching you effective communication, influencing and presentation skills so you can shine.

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Empowering Executive Presence

Inspire, Persuade and Engage

NxtGEN specialises in providing courses for business leaders and company executives in effective and powerful communication and presentation. Get empowered with the skills you need to inspire, persuade, and blow away your audience whether in the board room, as part of a conference keynote presentation, a strong sales pitch, a job interview or just influencing your colleagues to make the right decision.

If you’re going to stand up, you’d better learn how to stand out!

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Open Programmes


2024 Dates TBA

Do you need to deliver confident, persuasive and dynamic presentations in front of professional groups? This open corporate workshop is for you!

Business Presentation Skills Training

A Comprehensive Range Of Programmes

Our team provides a wide range of presentations skills training programmes, each one tailored to a specific need. So, whether you need to work on your sales presentations, make your data findings more engaging, or simply need to captivate and motivate your audience, we have a programme that will suit your needs.

Browse some of our programmes below or get in touch and we’ll help you find the right fit for your needs.

How Our Programmes Transform

Improved Audience Engagement

Teaching you effective methods of influence and persuasion to connect with and engage your audience and deliver powerful and impactful messages.

Impactful Communication Structures

Teaching you to develop your own unique Presence and confidence. Learning the power of active listening and effective question, empowering you to uncover opportunities and position yourself to win.

Increase Confidence & Presence

Teaching you to tell your story and inspire people to action. We will help you design, develop, and deliver revolutionary stories and visual presentations with power, impact and presence.


YOU Are Our Team

A Team That Supports You

NxtGEN provide courses in communication and executive presence both face to face and virtually. We empower business leaders who are strong in their functional areas to become much more effective in communicating their ideas, proposals and vision to their teams and to their customers and networks.

Our customers find immeasurable value in being able to offer clear and effective communication between themselves and their teams, partners, and prospects.

Whether it’s for you or one of your team, participating on one of our courses will transform the way your team communicates!

Video Testimonial From Eir Business

We have worked with the Eir Business over a number of years supporting them to develop internal and external communication skills.

Video Testimonial From MBA Student

UCD MBA Student Testimonial of Paul A. Slattery of NxtGEN Executive Transformation.

Video Testimonial From Russ Peterson Jr of iSpeak Inc

In this video Russ co-founder of iSpeak shares his thoughts and a testimonial of Paul A. Slattery founder of NxtGEN.

UCD Smurfit MBA Experience Day Lecture

Abstract from a recent UCD Smurfit – MBA Experience Day.

Helpful Resources

Empower yourself with our free resources, articles and webinars

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How To Deal With Objections During A Presentation: A Quick Guide 

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This Presentation Planner E-Book will get you better prepared for that boardroom delivery.

This e-book will guide you through the necessary steps of how to prepare, develop, and deliver corporate presentations. Topics include opening, construction of the body, and closing an effective presentation.

    overcoming fear of public speaking - ispeak partner

    At NxtGEN, we are iSpeak Partners.

    iSpeak Partners are licensed to deliver all iSpeak Programs based on their commitment to excellence and track record for consistent outstanding performance. Based in Dublin, Ireland, our principle Paul A. Slattery is a one of only five Certified Master Instructor (iCMI) for iSpeak and the only one in Europe. 

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