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Why presentation skills training should be part of every organisation’s onboarding process

The very idea of public speaking is enough to send some individuals running for the hills. When the public speaking opportunity in question comes in the form of a presentation to bosses, colleagues and clients, it can often be all too much for said individuals to handle. With glossophobia (fear of speaking in public) affecting millions of people worldwide, it is a very serious issue, particularly when it can impede a person’s professional success. To combat this, many companies are now taking measures to ensure that such fears and anxieties are dealt with head-on from the very beginning –...

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How to do a great virtual presentation

How to do a great virtual presentation

When the coronavirus pandemic abruptly shifted the workplace from the office to the home in 2020, chats at the printer and discussions across the boardroom table moved into an online space as workers were forced to embrace the new norm of working from home. Although...

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