Thinking on Your Feet – Mar 30th

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Lunch & Learn

Learn how to confidently handle tough and unexcpected questions when put on the spot during a presentation.

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About this Webinar:

Embrace your spontaneity while applying a structure to tackle your audience’s most difficult and awkward questions. Learn about the techniques of achieving the desired impact.

This concise session contains elements of a fail-proof methodology to help you arrange your powerful message, and never to fear being put on the spot!

This event is rooted in our elite programme, Spontaneous Presentations, and has been adapted to the compact format of a one-hour interactive webinar.

Why Attend?

  • Enhance your Executive Presence
  • Understand the methodology for dealing with challenging quetions in public
  • Learn to structure your message for a desired impact
  • Participate in a short, interactive class

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*All the webinars in this series have been developed from our most popular programmes.