Free Webinar: Corporate Storytelling – 30 September 2021

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Upcoming Events

Don’t just give data. Let the data tell a story!

If you want your data to tell a story, our upcoming webinar on September 30th will give you the tools to present the technical details with confidence and clarity.

The Corporate Storytelling webinar will provide you with models and techniques for telling stories to build a business narrative and to support a single point you’re making. You will also learn tools for discovering what a customer needs and how they will decide on a solution.

This virtual workshop is a powerful lesson for technical professionals who need to present the story behind the data, as well as for senior leaders who need to find better methods to inspire their teams to step into change.

This session will be delivered by Paul A. Slattery, who will demonstrate how to use storytelling to effectively persuade and influence others.

Join us for this webinar and get insights into techniques to improve your engagement and presence.

Register on Eventbrite at the link below or email or if you have any questions about the webinar or registration.