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Researcher & Content Creator

Gabi Widurek

Gabi Widurek contributes as a Freelance Content Creator and Research Consultant, adding to brand content, teaching curriculum, and research.

Gabi holds a Master’s degree in TESOL from University College Dublin, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in Linguistics at the School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics. She runs a language consultancy, Executive Language Lab, which focuses on exploring the nuances of the Language of Business, particularly in the context of English for Specialised Purposes through the Corpus Linguistics approach.

Deeply passionate about empowering people for whom English is not their first language to express themselves in any professional situation.

In addition to her Master’s degree, Gabi holds a Higher Professional Diploma in Content Writing for Marketing from UCD Professional Academy. She is an ardent yoga practitioner, a lifelong learner, reader, and traveller who enjoys spending free time with her family.