NxtGEN specialise in providing courses for Business Leaders and company executives in effective and powerful communication and presentation, empowering you with the skills to inspire, persuade, and blow away your audience whether in the Board Room, as part of a conference keynote presentation, a strong sales pitch, a job interview or just influencing your colleagues to make the right decision.

All of our courses are available both in-house and online, depending on what your requirements are. We are fully compliant with the current Covid guidelines for training and so rest assured, we will work with you to develop a course that fits in with how your business is currently working.

Presenting4Success - NxtGEN Executive Presence

Open Programmes

October 2024

Do you need to deliver confident, persuasive and dynamic presentations in front of professional groups? This open corporate workshop is for you!

Increase Your Confidence & Presence

Teaching you to tell your story and inspire people to action. We will help you design, develop, and deliver revolutionary stories and visual presentations with power, impact and presence.

Corporate Ovations – Presentation Skills – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Corporate Ovations Programme - NxtGEN

Present With Confidence

Whether you regularly present operational reviews, make proposals, communicate to clients, or motivate entire teams, during this programme we will teach you to quickly gain attention, build credibility, and present your message with confidence.

Spontaneous Presentations – Presentation Skills – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Spontaneous Presentations Programme - NxtGEN

Think On Your Feet

This programme is all about thinking on your feet! We’ve all been in situations where we are unexpectedly required to speak coherently to a group, or where you are fully au fait with your project, but you were not prepared to give an update to this executive audience today.

Virtual Presentations – Online Presentation Skills – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Virtual Presentations Programme - NxtGEN

Engage Your Online Audience

Every audience wants the presenter to be engaging but doing that in a virtual environment creates a whole new set of challenges. Learn how to pivot your presentations to a virtual delivery and engage your audience from the first slide!

Improve Your Audience Engagement

Teaching you effective methods of influence and persuasion to connect with and engage your audience and deliver powerful and impactful messages.

Corporate Storytelling – Visual Presentations – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Corporate Storytelling Programme - NxtGEN

Make Stories From Data

If you work in a technical field with lots of data to present, you can get trapped in the data-dump mentality. If you want your data to tell a story, you will need to identify the key elements for creating and delivery powerful stories and engage your audience.


Tools For Influencing – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Tools For Influencing Programme - NxtGEN

Influencing Without Authority

How do you influence when you have no formal authority? In today’s complex organizations knowing how to lead others effectively without authority is a powerful and useful skill. This class will teach you the noble skill of influence, meant to bring positive outcomes to others.
Visual Storytelling 2 – Presentation Skills – NxtGEN
Visual Storytelling Programme - NxtGEN

Engaging Presentations

Visual Storytelling will help you define a memorable storyline and then transform it into engaging visual aids for your audience. Our simple design techniques can be used by anyone and have a profound effect on your audience.


Impactful Communication Structures

Teaching you to develop your own unique Presence and confidence. Learning the power of active listening and effective question, empowering you to uncover opportunities and position yourself to win.

Leader Presence Program - NxtGEN
Leader Presence Programme - NxtGEN

Command The Room

The most effective speakers know how to communicate effectively no matter what the situation and no matter who is in the audience. During our Leader Presence workshop you will learn and practice communication skills focused on your presence and delivery.

Message Builder – Corporate Presentations – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Message Builder Programme - NxtGEN

Move Beyond Presenting

Message Builder™ moves beyond the overall process for developing presentations to engage your audience. Now, you will learn to bring the dry facts of your presentation to life and work on translating your plain data into exciting, persuasive, and memorable information.

Sales Training 1 – NxtGEN Executive Presence
Sales Discovery Programme - NxtGEN

Generate Discovery Conversations

Without understanding the customer’s business needs and how they plan to decide on a solution, closing a sale will be unlikely. In this customised workshop you will learn tools for discovering what a customer needs and how they will decide on a solution.

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