Why presentation skills training should be part of every organisation’s onboarding process

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Presentation Skills

The very idea of public speaking is enough to send some individuals running for the hills. When the public speaking opportunity in question comes in the form of a presentation to bosses, colleagues and clients, it can often be all too much for said individuals to handle.

With glossophobia (fear of speaking in public) affecting millions of people worldwide, it is a very serious issue, particularly when it can impede a person’s professional success.

To combat this, many companies are now taking measures to ensure that such fears and anxieties are dealt with head-on from the very beginning – ideally during the onboarding process.

Why should presentation skills training be provided at induction?

First impressions count, especially in the business world. When you as an employer provide upskilling opportunities in areas that build confidence, such as public speaking and presenting, you are positively shaping your new team members before they even enter the boardroom.

Gone are the days of standing up in front of a room filled with unfamiliar faces, shakily introducing yourself like a deer in headlights. Thankfully, we are now in a world where business leaders believe in setting their employees up for success, and this involves boosting confidence levels even before you hit the ground running.

In a nutshell, by arming an employee with the skills they require to present with ease and confidence, you are not only investing in their personal development, but also the future success of your organisation.

What are the organisational benefits of presentation skills training?

While upskilling is important at every stage of an individual’s professional career, early interception in this area has numerous benefits to the company providing the training.

1. It promotes company ‘buy-in’ and improves retention rates.

Investing in an employee’s professional growth at the earliest stage instils a sense of belonging, while laying a strong foundation for commitment and company loyalty – something that is becoming increasingly important in a post-Covid world.

In fact, a recent global survey found that 41 percent of participants were considering resigning from their current roles, mostly as a result of how they were treated by their employers during the pandemic. These shocking figures have inspired a trend known as the ‘Great Resignation’ and have prompted many businesses across the world to assess their policies.

Take note of such drastic developments; start as you mean to go on when it comes to the treatment of and investment in your team and you will avoid the risk of talented people slipping through the cracks.

Presentation skills training onboarding - NxtGEN Executive Presence

2. It allows employees in all departments to reach their full potential.

When an employee shines, so does your business. Nowadays, particularly within the virtual workspace, it is integral for every member of the team to stand out as they navigate the world of video conferencing, webinars and virtual meetings.

Providing training in this vital area allows those who may have previously shied away from the spotlight to confidently step forward and put their new capabilities into practice. Presentation skills are integral, no matter what department your employee occupies. They enable the telling of stories through effective communication – and there has never been a better time to perfect this skill.

3. It boosts morale from the get-go.

Low morale among employees can be detrimental to a business. Boosting your team’s confidence by acknowledging their worth has a direct effect on job satisfaction, which in turn elevates levels of morale.

Providing training opportunities during the induction process highlights your belief in their abilities at the earliest possible stage. Additionally, it places all employees on a level playing field in terms of their communication abilities, which in turn enhances self-belief and general contentment at work.

4. It clarifies expectations at the beginning.

If your company provides onboarding training in the area of presenting, a new recruit will immediately understand that their role requires the use of these skills. Removing any ambiguity surrounding such expectations saves both the company and the individual a huge amount of time and anxiety in the long run.

Defining what you require from your new employee will also give them the opportunity to consider how they can effectively fulfil expectations through demonstration of their capabilities, inspiring a sense of purpose and achievement.

Presentation skills training onboarding - NxtGEN Executive Presence

5. It reinforces a strong company structure.

If an employee feels secure in a job, they are unlikely to jump ship. Providing professional training in the early days of employment paints a picture of a strong, reputable organisation. It can also benefit the individual by answering many of the questions they might have at the beginning about the company and its day-to-day operations, leaving them in no doubt about who they are working for and why.

With research suggesting that new hire retention can be improved by 82 percent with a strong onboarding process, there is no better proof of the benefits gleaned from early investment in your future team.

Learn from the best

If you are considering improving the functionality of your business through a training-led onboarding process, take inspiration from those that have done it particularly well.

A prime example of this is Google, who reportedly spend 80 percent of their time on recruitment and onboarding, with the belief that people investment is paramount to the company’s success.

Similarly, Amazon dedicates an entire month to providing new employees with intensive training before they even begin the onboarding process. Training is provided in areas such as team building and leadership, while a programme tailored to remote working is offered to those working from home.

While upskilling employees from day one has proven benefits in line with employee satisfaction and retention levels, building a talented and skilled team spells only good news for your company.

If you are interested in enhancing your current onboarding procedure through the integration of specific training programmes, get in touch today by emailing us at hello@nxtgen.ie or by filling out our enquiry form.