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 Virtual Training Classes

Want to improve the bottomline? Research shows that improving your teams communication skills is directly linked to profit!

…Well we have the solution. Virtual Training. We have been supporting our global clients for many years!

Instructor-Led Virtual Training Platform… experiential learning talent development!

“The Virtual Workshop was awesome!  The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional and kept the class fun!  I would highly recommend this class.”

– Susan P. Dell EMC

Virtual Classes

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Presenting4Success™ starts by defining your purpose and audience and covers writing and delivering a presentation from beginning to end, with a focus on your presence and how to write engaging openings and powerful closings. You will walk away with a blueprint you can use to create any future presentation. Whether you regularly present operational reviews, make proposals, communicate to clients, or motivate entire teams, at this virtual training programme we will teach you to quickly gain attention, build credibility, and present your message with confidence.

Leader Presence™ focuses on your presence as a leader in the virtual environment. If you’ve ever wondered about those speakers who just seem to have “it” while others don’t, we can help you not only define “it”, but we can help you find yours. NxtGEN will help you master your first impression, show your confidence, and increase your approachability as a leader. In this virtual training you will have an opportunity to deliver several messages and receive professional coaching. You will leave with a reinforcement of your current strengths and several options for continued improvement.

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Message Builder™ moves beyond the overall process and structure of a presentation and dives deeply into developing the body of your message and how to illustrate your key points. In this virtual training programme, you will work on one of your own presentation situations to build a message using devices such as metaphors, audience involvement, and persuasion.  You’ll leave with a better structured approach to your corporate message. You will also receive live coaching from a professional speaker to polish any rough edges.

Spontaneous Presentations is all about thinking on your feet, you will learn simple methods for constructing and delivering a message. You will also practice how to handle the tough questions when someone gets a little verbally aggressive with you on the call. Our lack of ability to communicate well is not founded in our expertise. Our inability to communicate well is founded in the structure of our message when we have no time to think.

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Visual Storytelling will help you define a memorable storyline and then transform it into engaging visual aids for your audience. These simple design techniques can be used by anyone and have a profound effect on your audience. Don’t settle for confusing slides full of text! In this class you will develop a business presentation to be more interactive and visually appealing to your audience. You will need your laptop computer and the use of PowerPoint for creating your slides.

Corporate Storytelling will provide you with models and techniques for telling stories to make a single point, as well as using your data to tell a story. This workshop is a powerful lesson for technical professionals who need to present their data as a story, as well as senior leaders who need to find better methods for inspiring their teams to step into change. If you work in a technical field with lots of data to present, we can all get trapped in the data-dump mentality. If you want your data to tell a story, you will need to identify the key elements for creating and delivery powerful stories.

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Tools For Influencing virtual training programme helps you gaining alignment when you don’t seem to have the power to influence others. This workshop will introduce you to the outcomes, power bases and tools used in influence. Then you will apply these tools in three different settings, influence through email, then one-on-one conversations, and finally influence with a group of people. Come to class prepared to discuss situations from your work experience where influence was necessary to advance the team or project, even when you had no official authority with the group.

“Having the option to take classes virtually is very helpful for busy professionals. Flexibility is needed in highly operational roles and taking four to eight hours out of the day to attend a class in person, causes extra strain on one’s team when extra team coverage is required.”

– Nadia C., Dell EMC

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