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How to successfully avoid data dumping on your co-workers

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How to successfully avoid data dumping on your co-workers

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Are you struggling to win bids despite excellent content and resources at your disposal? Are your team’s pitches falling flat and failing to make an IMPACT?

At NxtGEN, we know that your pitch is the key to winning bids consistently, and we have been transforming team presentation skills for 20 years.

Why Your Pitch Sucks!

From our extensive work with corporate teams, we’ve uncovered the pervasive issues causing high bid loss ratios. Your team is likely grappling with these very same challenges:


Overemphasis on content, and not its delivery

Insufficient team interaction prior to presenting

Crunch timelines for bid preparation

Harnessing the power of a team with mixed experience

Over-reliance on Powerpoint, missing the human touch

The BEST in the business can overcome these challenges, and so can your team!

Team Presentation Skills

We Can Tranform Your Team’s Approach To Pitching Tenders.

At NxtGEN, we’re corporate training specialists. We have been delivering POWERFUL team presentation skills training for 20 years and have transformed the pitch of some of the most well known corporations in the world.

And we can do the same for you!

Our aim is not to simply improve your team’s presentation skills, it is to transform them by instilling your team with Executive Presence. After our bespoke in-person courses, your team will not just communicate a corporate pitch, but will know how to captivate and persuade their audience to help secure winning tender bids.

Unleash the full potential of your team with our training program that will:


Shift your focus from just content to its impactful delivery


Foster team interaction and pre-presentation collaboration


Equip your team to optimally manage short timelines


Leverage the diverse experience within your team for compelling presentations


Break from the monotony of PowerPoint, exploring a wider range of effective tools

Stand up. STAND OUT. With NxtGEN Executive Presence.

Our experienced coaches are here to teach you and your team to capture your audience, communicate effectively, and to inspire action – to WIN BIDS.

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We have been doing it for 20 years, and we can do it for you too!

NEW! AI Accelerated Coaching

The same great coaching, with even more added benefits to help your progress!

AI is no substitute for experienced, quality coaching, but it can certainly help you to speed up your progress! Our tailored programmes now include additional access to our incredible AI platform for instant, effective & individualised ongoing feedback:

Improve In Your Own Time

Get Real Time Feedback

Simple, Effective Coaching

Track Your Ongoing Progress

Get Started

Transform Your Team, Start Winning Again!

Enough of losing bids! Speak to one of the NxtGEN Executive Presence team today about transforming your team’s presentation approach and start winning new business.

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