Free Webinar: Handling Objections – 23rd February 2022

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Upcoming Events

Become Comfortable with Handling Objections and Difficult Questions


How should you react to opposing opinions or difficult, even hostile questions?

Our attitude towards objections can often be negative. We tend to view them as hurdles that keep us away from completing goals or closing sales.

Objections and awkward questions can be de facto opportunities in disguise; though many of us struggle to handle them with enough optimism and confidence.

This free, upcoming webinar can provide you with the insight to anticipate and handle objections and difficult questions with authenticity and ease.

The session will be delivered by Paul A. Slattery, who possesses a vast experience of dealing with hostile questioning and opposing opinions from his decades in high-level corporate environments. His impactful techniques will help you balance your emotions and maintain control of your responses.

Sign up today and learn how to face your most demanding audiences with poise and Executive Presence.

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