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>> Presentation Skills Training

  • Corporate Ovations
  • Message Builder
  • Visual Storytelling

>> Sales Training

  • Sales Discovery
  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Influence

>> Leaders Training

  • Leader Presence
  • One to One Coaching

The Corporate Ovations Self-Study

This study is a complement to the Corporate Ovations book and our Workshop. Each of the 12 videos are aligned with the 12 chapters of the Corporate Ovations book. As you work through the lessons, please look for something you can implement and change in your communication.

Download the Workbook First!

Download the Corporate Ovations Self-Study Workbook before you begin!

The Self-Study PDF includes all of the following:

  • – Summary of video lessons
  • – Quiz to test your recall and understanding
  • – Application exercise to practice further
  • – A Tomorrow’s Challenge to get you out of your comfort zone

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