NxtGEN specialise in providing courses for Business Leaders and company executives in effective and powerful communication and presentation, empowering you with the skills to inspire, persuade, and blow away your audience whether in the Board Room, as part of a conference keynote presentation, a strong sales pitch, a job interview or just influencing your colleagues to make the right decision.

All of our courses are available both in-house and online, depending on what your requirements are. We are fully compliant with the current Covid guidelines for training and so rest assured, we will work with you to develop a course that fits in with how your business is currently working.

“The Virtual Workshop was awesome!  The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional and kept the class fun!  I would highly recommend this class.”

– Susan P. Dell EMC


Engaging Your Online Audience

Every audience wants the presenter to be engaging but doing that in a virtual environment creates a whole new set of challenges. Learn how to pivot your presentations to a virtual delivery and engage your audience from the very first slide!

Let’s be honest, not every business presentation you’ve seen has been great!.  Now, throw in the extra hurdle of delivering that presentation on a virtual platform and you’ve got a real challenge.  During our Virtual Presentations Workshop you will learn how to engage your audience in what they see, what you say and how you deliver your presentation and we will give you simple methods to overcome the typical mistakes made by virtual presenters


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Discover the keys to delivering more engaging virtual presentations
  • Align your three channels of communication for authentic engagement
  • Practice using body language in a virtual platform to boost your connection with the audience
  • Construct a presentation purpose and audience analysis in less than 6 minutes
  • Develop the essence and structure of your message to make it more memorable
  • Learn the powerful tools of a virtual delivery platform for better engagement
  • Review a process for handling questions virtually
  • Identify how to create more attractive and engaging slides

Thinking on Your Feet

This programme is all about thinking on your feet!  We’ve all been in situations where we are unexpectedly required to speak coherently to a group, or where you are fully au fait with your project, but you were not prepared to give an update to this executive audience today.

On this course you will learn simple methods for constructing and delivering a message in a spontaneous way. You will also practice how to handle the tough questions when someone gets a little verbally aggressive with you during a meeting or call. 

Our lack of ability to communicate well is not founded in our expertise. Our inability to communicate well is founded in the structure of our message when we have no time to think and our Spontaneous Presentations programme will give you invaluable tools for spontaneity.


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn powerful tools to quickly construct an organized and engaging message
  • Use a simple technique to ensure your audience does not forget your key message
  • Practice thinking on your feet with exercises designed to have you speak off the cuff
  • Receive a 3-step process to handle questions effectively, even when you don’t know the answer
  • Implement a social psychology method to respond in a heated situation
  • Receive video recordings of your presentations on your own device for personal coaching later

Present with Confidence

Within the first hour of this workshop, you will be on your feet presenting, receiving feedback, and learning how to align your words, voice and body language. This workshop starts by defining your purpose and audience and covers writing and delivering a presentation from beginning to end, with a focus on your presence and how to write engaging openings and powerful closings. You will walk away with a blueprint you can use to create any future presentation.

Whether you regularly present operational reviews, make proposals, communicate to clients, or motivate entire teams, during this programme we will teach you to quickly gain attention, build credibility, and present your message with confidence. 


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Receive a simple 6-Question Method for defining your goals
  • Apply the four phases of the presentation process
  • Learn the 3 channels of all communication and how to align them for confidence
  • Understand the two key elements that make up the first impression
  • Implement the keys to reducing anxiety and fear before speaking
  • Practice incorporating engaging movements with purpose
  • Receive coaching on your delivery and presence
  • Receive a model for creating a powerful and engaging Opening and Close
  • Learn the simplest form of logical message structure to keep your audience engaged

Engaging Presentations

Have you ever been held captive by the speaker who pounds you with slide after slide of text while they read every bullet point to you? This next question might hurt a little… have you ever been that speaker? Ouch.  While none of us want to be that person, some of us have never been taught any other way of presenting effective slides… until now!

Visual Storytelling will help you define a memorable storyline and then transform it into engaging visual aids for your audience. Our simple design techniques can be used by anyone and have a profound effect on your audience. Don’t settle for confusing slides full of text! In this class you will develop a business presentation to be more interactive and visually appealing to your audience. 


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Define your starting position and your goal for a message
  • Discover how to create effective presentation artifacts (handouts)
  • Create more effective slide titles by changing your old slides
  • Discover the 3 phases of how an audience interacts with your slides
  • Leverage the 3 foundations of slide design to rebuild your own slides
  • Learn new PowerPoint and slide design techniques
  • Use your current slide decks and laptop to create new slides and present to the class

Make Stories from Data!

If you work in a technical field with lots of data to present, you can get trapped in the data-dump mentality. If you want your data to tell a story, you will need to identify the key elements for creating and delivery powerful stories and engage your audience.

Corporate Storytelling will provide you with models and techniques for telling stories to build a business narrative and to support a single point you’re making.   This programme is a powerful lesson for technical professionals who need to present their data as a story, as well as senior leaders who need to find better methods for inspiring their teams to step into change. 


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn powerful tools for mapping out a corporate story
  • Convert your data in a powerful story!
  • Discover the one key factor used in stories to create movement for the audience
  • Apply influence methods to your story for creating audience movement
  • Receive some of the most common storyline models for building engagement
  • Construct and deliver a story to the audience
  • Receive professional coaching and feedback on your stories

Influencing Without Authority

How do you influence when you have no formal authority? In today’s complex organizations knowing how to lead others effectively without authority is a powerful and useful skill.  This class will teach you the noble skill of influence, meant to bring positive outcomes to others. 

Tools For Influencing helps you gain alignment when you don’t seem to have the power to influence others. This workshop will introduce you to the outcomes, power bases and tools used in influence. You will learn to apply these tools in three different settings, influence through email, then one-on-one conversations, and finally influence with a group of people. Come to class prepared to discuss situations from your work experience where influence was necessary to advance the team or project, even when you had no official authority with the group.

Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn the 4 potential outcomes from every influence situation you face
  • Discover the 3 Power Bases to leverage when influencing
  • Identify situations for using 12 different influence tools
  • Apply your own real-world situations to the exercises in class
  • Build an email to achieve your influence goal, even when you have no authority with the other person
  • Apply a 3-step conversational tool for developing rapport and trust
  • Learn why stories are such a powerful influence tool and how to use them

Move Beyond Presenting

Message Builder™ moves beyond the overall process for developing presentations to engage your audience.  Now, you will learn to bring the dry facts of your presentation to life and work on translating your plain data into exciting, persuasive, and memorable information. This programme moves beyond the overall process and structure of a presentation and dives deeply into developing the body of your message and how to illustrate your key points. 

In this workshop, you will work on one of your own presentation situations to build a message using devices such as metaphors, audience involvement, and persuasion.  You’ll leave with your video recordings on your device. You will also receive live coaching from a professional speaker to polish any rough edges.


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Construct an engaging Open and Close for your message
  • Build a logical and persuasive message
  • Practice the delivery of your message and receive professional coaching
  • Develop the body structure using iSpeak Quick-Start Models
  • Create flow in your message with different types of transitions
  • Identify and practice methods of audience engagement and message support

Command the Room and Zoom

The most effective speakers know how to communicate effectively no matter what the situation and no matter who is in the audience.  During our Leader Presence workshop you will learn and practice communication skills focused on your presence and delivery. 

If you’ve ever wondered about those speakers who just seem to have “it” while others don’t, we can help you not only define “it”, but we can help you find yours. NxtGEN will help you master your first impression, show your confidence, and increase your approachability as a leader. In this training you will have an opportunity to deliver several messages and receive professional coaching. You will leave with a reinforcement of your current strengths and several options for continued improvement.


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn how stage presence differs from Leader Presence, and why you need both
  • Develop your ‘Presence’ and self-confidence while speaking or presenting in public
  • Use tools for exercising your alignment between the 3 channels of communication
  • Practice multiple delivery techniques to project confidence and approachability
  • Use body language and vocal techniques to adjust your message regardless of your words
  • Practice methods to connect, engage and inspire any audience
  • Practice adjusting your presence for a situation using simple, but powerful delivery tools
  • Refine your personal Leader Presence with individualised coaching

Generating Discovery Conversations

Without understanding the customer’s business needs and how they plan to decide on a solution, closing a sale will be unlikely. In this customised workshop you will learn tools for discovering what a customer needs and how they will decide on a solution. You will have an opportunity to take an assessment and learn your own personal selling style. Then, using tools for overcoming objections and aligning a solution, you will sell a custom solution to your customer. This workshop is custom tailored to your company and industry.


Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn three elements that make up value to a customer
  • Practice listening techniques to identify flags
  • Practice process for data mining in a sales conversation
  • Develop questions to gather both needs and decision making criteria
  • Take an assessment to discover your personal selling style
  • Practice persuasion and assertive communication techniques

“Having the option to take classes virtually is very helpful for busy professionals. Flexibility is needed in highly operational roles and taking four to eight hours out of the day to attend a class in person, causes extra strain on one’s team when extra team coverage is required.”

– Nadia C., Dell EMC

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