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Leader Development - Course Delivery

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  • Corporate Ovations
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What’s the Story

Leadership Development

Great leaders see the future first. That vision of the future needs a voice. Leader Presence helps you develop the orations of a great leader. You will join me and my team on a journey of self-discovery to develop the authentic leader within you. A leader with great confidence, humble approachability and a clear vision to shape the future of your company.

Sales Development

Solid sales skills are the foundation of a successful business and nothing exists until it is first sold. From the entrepreneurial dream, the intangible cloud solution to the disruptive financial model, they all must be persuasively sold. We immerse your team into this award-winning learning experience the requires boardroom presence, active listening and probing to uncover needs of your customers.

Presentation Skills Development

Your presentations are the best opportunity to tell your story and inspire people to action. My team and I will help you design, develop, and deliver those revolutionary stories and visual presentations for every event. With the combination of iSpeak’s curriculum and my unique methodology you and your team will harness the skills necessary to deliver compelling presentations to improve the company bottom line, reshape your careers, and even enhance the lives others around you. To improve our presentation skills, we must make every communication count, albeit one to one, in the boardroom or on stage delivering a keynote. That’s why every moment represents a moment of truth.

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